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Why To-be Real Estate Investors Fail

Nov 15, 2011 Comments Off by

New real estate investors fascinate me.  Many people I see at my local investment club know real estate is their best investment vehicle. They have read several books on how to buy their first investment property. They are in the process of saving up their first down payment and might be looking for their first [...]

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Business Case Of A Real Estate Guru – Part 1

Nov 14, 2011 Comments Off by

There are plenty of get-rich-quick schemes that are scams and other get-rich-quick real estate gurus that are legitimate. What the legitimate gurus don’t teach you is their business model is different than what they preach. Their business model is based on increasing their network, finding hard money lenders (you), bringing in seed money (exorbitant course [...]

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Saving On Groceries

Nov 10, 2011 Comments Off by

Before I started to become frugal, I would buy a lot of prepackaged foods at the grocery store and would eat what I wanted when it came to meats. I have changed my eating habits to become healthier and along the way, have saved money. Cut down meats, introduce beans We love our chicken and [...]

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Who Are The Joneses?

Nov 08, 2011 Comments Off

You know the expression “keeping up with the Joneses”. It is known to be the main culprit of lifestyle inflation. I imagined the Joneses to be the next door neighbours once I bought my white picketed fence house. I thought they would be the ones to show up with a new luxury vehicle in their [...]

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2 Concepts That Changed Me

Nov 07, 2011 Comments Off

Here are 2 concepts that have changed the way I see my investment future. 1. Live below your means I learned this idea from my uncle who is a wise conservative investor. It doesn’t matter how much I make, whether it is $40 000 or $250 000 per year, I still need to live below [...]

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Goldeneer’s Story

Nov 06, 2011 Comments Off

This is Goldeneer’s first of many post. Let me introduce myself. I’m Clara Cannes, a Canadian in my late 20′s and full time employee in the engineering field. My passion is real estate, entrepreneurship and sustainability. I have several investment properties that are cash flowing nicely and I’m on the outlook to starting my next side hustle. I [...]

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