Goldeneer’s Story

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This is Goldeneer’s first of many post.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Clara Cannes, a Canadian in my late 20′s and full time employee in the engineering field.

My passion is real estate, entrepreneurship and sustainability. I have several investment properties that are cash flowing nicely and I’m on the outlook to starting my next side hustle.

I strive to live by frugal means and follow my own Goldeneer’s Hierarchy of Wealth rule. You would never guess by seeing me that much of my clothes is second hand. I avoid restaurants, the latte factor, will shop with a list and get much of my items second hand.

Personal finance is as much of an emotional subject as it is a mathematical subject to me. Most understand the very basics of personal finance: save up for retirement, have an emergency fund, pay down your debt and avoid credit cards. What most people actually do is entirely different and is guided by impulse purchases and short term entitlement. I see my friends’ and family’s perspective of personal finance as a convoluted mix of their parent’s perspective on money and fall into the same traps as the majority of the population.

Clara Cannes is my pen name. All names used on this blog to share stories about real people also are not real in order to protect their true identity.

Join me on my journey as I share with you how I went from $40 000 of student debt to my future goal of being able to retire extremely early.

Goldeneer's Story

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Clara Cannes, the chief author from Goldeneer is a Canadian that works as a full time employee in the engineering field. Her passion is real estate, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Clara has finally reached financial independence in her late 20's and is on the path to a comfortable retirement by 35.
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