What Are You Doing Today To Make Money Tomorrow

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This is what my professor asked us. You can bin your time that you invest today into 3 horizons, today’s returns, tomorrow’s returns, and the far future’s return. Most people only invest in today’s returns.

Today’s horizon
What have you done today that has brought you money? For most people, the answer is simple: they went to work. All the time that they have invested in their contractual employment has brought them a paycheck for today. Although most people need a regular paycheque, most don’t want to continue this trend to their grave. The exception to the rule is that if you know your life ends today, then there’s no need to think about the future. For those who’s odds are to live a long life, thinking of how to finance your future will allow you to figuratively take a day off.

Tomorrow’ horizon
What are the things that you are doing today that will add value for tomorrow? This is where most people lack to add value except for students. Why would you need money for tomorrow anyways? Tomorrow is a conceptual term for your near future goals. It could be next month or it could be in ten years. Do you need money to start a business? Maybe you plan to stay home with the kids when you and your wife have your first child. Maybe your goal is to make money so that you can fund your next investment property. Whatever the goal may be, you need to make a plan on how you plan to utilize today’s time to make money for tomorrow.
I have already invested for tomorrow’s future in additional schooling to further my career and make me more employable to others. My current investment is real estate. Sitting on investment properties for the long term can give you a hefty ROE if you play your cards well. A long term investment also reduces your risk for bad economical years. You could ponder that paying down one’s debts will reduce your tomorrow’s interest therefore making your money work for you tomorrow.

Future’s horizon
For most people, they are adding value today to make money for their retirement. Investing your savings into an investment vehicle today will make way for a hefty sum for your retirement. If you’re one who isn’t saving, then your employer is paying into your federal pension plan so that you are not SOL during your retirement. The future’s horizon could represent a different time line in your future. Whichever it is, you will benefit from your earlier moments in life when you thought that it would be smart to think about the future.

Have you invested for today, tomorrow and your future’s horizon? What are you doing today to make money in the future?

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