Bucketlist And Frugal Lifestyle

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Lists are one of the tools I use regularly in my life. I follow a list everyday of items I need to take care of. Lists allow me to keep a record of my to-do list so I don’t have to worry about missing something. I focus on taking care of a few items each day and have a clear perspective of what needs to be done for the rest of the week.

A bucketlist is similar as it helps me to keep track of my life’s goals. I’m a big fan of bucketlist.org because it is free and has a large member base where I can share ideas. My online bucketlist keeps track of all my goals I have achieved and all the goals I want to achieve. For me, this is a dynamic list that gets updated every year. I doubt that I will actually achieve every.single.item on my list but my goal is to achieve as much as possible with my limited financial and time resources. Friends of mine admire how I get to do so many fun activities like mushing, boating, skydiving, and flying to name a few. It is all because of my bucketlist.

Having the idea, interest, money and time to do an item on a bucketlist is one challenge. Finding friends that are interested in sharing this activity with me is another. Most of my friends are not a thrill seeker like I am. When I want to do an activity with my friends, I will often be the one organizing the adventure which helps me build my leadership skills on top of having fun.

In order to achieve an item on my list, I commit to do a few goals each year. Often, I aim for the low hanging fruits that will give me great pleasure but doesn’t cost a lot to do. I set a budget for each goal and a deadline at which I want to do it by. This budget line comes out of my discretionary allowance that I give myself every month.


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3 Responses to “Bucketlist And Frugal Lifestyle”

  1. Call Me What You Want Even Cheap says:

    I have to start a bucket list. I did have goals that I set at the beginning of 2012, and thankfully I met them.

    • Goldeneer says:

      Give bucketlist.org a try. I get lots of bucketlist ideas from others and it is motivational to follow things through. I have found exciting local activities to try out.

  2. Nerdy Finance #20: Welcome to 2013 says:

    [...] has advice for life goals beyond swiftly abandoned [...]