Frugality Sacrifices – Part 2

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In order to achieve a higher savings rate, I gave up a few vices to be even more frugal. Frugality is a journey. Frugality goes up and down depending on my life circumstances and there are always areas to improve.

Vices to give up
Long showers
I love long showers. They are relaxing and warm. For most people, showers are a utilitarian way of keeping oneself clean. For me, they are my half hour of bliss. As much as I love them, I need to cut them shorter or minimize the hot water use as 30 min shower is a lot to waste. I’m not perfect, that is why frugality is a journey. A 3 step program will be implemented to conserve cost and energy. I will soon be moving into a new house where I can easily change the shower head to a low flow model. This will reduce the amount of hot water used if my showers stay as long. The second step is to use a timer to remind me that my spa time is up. I have done this in the past but my timer rusted and quickly broke. My next approach will be to set the shower fan timer on a shorter setting to remind me of the time. The timer I will install gives me a 10, 20 or 30 min option so I hope to eventually reduce my shower time to 10 min. When I’m done my shower, I will simply reset the shower fan to vent the remaining humidity.

Expensive car – $5000/yr potential savings
My car is awesome. It has a turbo and is all wheel drive. Luxury comes with a price and I am paying for it. My car takes premium fuel, costs me a lot to insure since its current value is so high and depreciates significantly each year.
Starting January, I’m putting up leased car on the market. If no one is interested in this lease take over, I will wait until the end of the lease to return it and then will look for a lower priced car.
This car filled Mr Cannes and my luxury wants but now its time to lay it to rest.
Food going bad in fridge
Minimizing food waste is a journey and I’m halfway there. I’m much better than I was in the past at using up all my food but I still cringe of guilt every time I have to throw out food that has been overlooked. To minimize food waste, I buy more frozen veggies and eat those last when my fresh produce has been consumed. I only buy sauces and produce that I know I’m going to use. Leftovers are frozen if I can’t consume them in the next 2 days. With those efforts taken, I still end up throwing some produce every few weeks. It’s not much but I should not be throwing any food away. What I’m going to do different is only to groceries when there is no produce, frozen food or shelved items I can feed my family with. This will force me to use up everything before I head to the grocery store. Next I will need to plan my meals around items that are going to go bad soon instead of produce that I want to use.

How many sauces are in your fridge that you haven’t touched in the past year? What habit do you want to change to be more environmentally and wallet friendly?

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