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Adequate Lifestyle

Sep 26, 2013 Comments Off by

Lifestyle influences early retirement date A higher annual pending delays retirement. Early retirement is a compromise of hard work and little spending over a few years. There is no right answer on how much money you need to retire to sustain your lifestyle as this choice is purely personal. Lifestyle is a Continuum I have [...]

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How Did Goldeneer Make It

Feb 20, 2013 1 Comment by

In 5 years, Mr and Mrs Cannes acquired 6 rental properties and a home. The rental profits from all properties are now enough to replace one income and make them financially independent. The following were the steps taken by Mr and Mrs Cannes. Frugality As Mr and Mrs Cannes were finishing university, their  jobs during [...]

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Financial Independence Definition

Feb 12, 2013 1 Comment by

There are many definitions of financial independence around the web. Some define financial independence as being on your own without the support of family and having a job that covers your expenses. In the world of early retirement, I define financial independence as having enough passive income to cover your needs. If I was to [...]

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How To Have A Frugal Wedding

Jan 09, 2013 1 Comment

The average US wedding cost in 2012 was over $27 000. What does $27 000 get you? For most bride and groom, it gets them a stressful day, little face time with their guests, wedding bands and an exotic honeymoon. All this to provide a day that most guests will soon forget about along with [...]

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2013 Goals

Jan 02, 2013 Comments Off

Last year was a successful year. Mr Cannes and I have reached financial independence from our rental income. I reduced several recurring payments including lowering vehicle insurance, house insurance and internet service. My rental properties thrived as they have been for the last 4 years While I added 1 more property to my portfolio. Finally, I [...]

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Married With An Allowance

Dec 27, 2012 Comments Off

Everyone has their own values when it comes to marriage. Some decide to share expenses and the remainder of each spouse’s paycheck is their own. Others share all income or none at all. Marriage and finances are a very personal strategy and not one strategy fit all marriages. Regardless of how finances are handled, it [...]

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Most People Don’t Get It (Wealth That Is)

Dec 13, 2012 3 Comments

Why is it that the majority of the population dreams to get rich but never do. Why is it that university educated people may spend 10+ years struggling to repay their student loans and never see the fortunes promised to them which is why they went to school in the first place. The bulk of [...]

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What Are You Doing Today To Make Money Tomorrow

Dec 10, 2012 1 Comment

This is what my professor asked us. You can bin your time that you invest today into 3 horizons, today’s returns, tomorrow’s returns, and the far future’s return. Most people only invest in today’s returns. Today’s horizon What have you done today that has brought you money? For most people, the answer is simple: they [...]

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Goldeneer Budget

Dec 05, 2012 Comments Off

Minimizing our budget has been of great importance in the past when we were paying off our debts and buying income properties. We tracked all or our monthly expenses and reduced our lifestyle to meet our needs. We have recently relaxed our budget due to repaying our non-mortgage debts and significantly increasing our rental income. [...]

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Goldeneer Now Yakezie Challenger

Dec 01, 2012 1 Comment

Goldeneer is proud to announce it is now a Yakezie Challenger. Yakezie is a personal finance blogging network that motivate bloggers to move up the Alexa rank in order to gain more readers like yourself. Goldeneer believes it has valuable lessons learned to share with interested fans. Through this challenge, Goldeneer is highly motivated to [...]

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