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Adequate Lifestyle

Sep 26, 2013 Comments Off by

Lifestyle influences early retirement date A higher annual pending delays retirement. Early retirement is a compromise of hard work and little spending over a few years. There is no right answer on how much money you need to retire to sustain your lifestyle as this choice is purely personal. Lifestyle is a Continuum I have [...]

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Get Out Of Debt

Sep 24, 2013 1 Comment by

Getting out of debt is easy on paper. You already know what to do. Look at all your expenses, separate needs from wants, drop most of your wants until you can divert your savings into debt repayment. Bring in more money if you need to. This post isn’t going to tell you the details of [...]

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New Frugality: Eating Out Is Disappointing

Mar 05, 2013 2 Comments by

Eating out has been a staple in our society as one gets a coffee on the way to work, orders take out for lunch while at work, enjoys a fast food grab on the way home or a nice outing with friends or family after a long day. I used to enjoy eating out as [...]

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Time Required To Manage Rental Properties

Feb 14, 2013 Comments Off

For 5 years, Mr. Cannes and I have been managing our own rental properties. People tend to think that managing properties take a lot of time, sometimes as much as a full time job. We manage 6 rental properties and typically spend 2-6 hrs each month for most of the year. There are however peaks. [...]

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Financial Independence Definition

Feb 12, 2013 1 Comment

There are many definitions of financial independence around the web. Some define financial independence as being on your own without the support of family and having a job that covers your expenses. In the world of early retirement, I define financial independence as having enough passive income to cover your needs. If I was to [...]

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3 Money Rules

Jan 30, 2013 Comments Off

Some money behavior fascinate me such as the person who has $8000 in their savings account but carry a $2000 credit card balance. Give up cable if you have credit card debt Credit card debt is an emergency at 19%+ interest. You should cut back all the luxuries in your life until your credit cards [...]

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Calculating Required Retirement Income

Jan 16, 2013 Comments Off

Project your retirement expenses based on current or future lifestyle and not on your current income. Most advisers recommend planning a retirement income of 70% of your salary. If one is to live very frugally, then it may be too conservative of a calculation. If you plan to rent or still have a mortgage in [...]

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Don’t Pay Later

Jan 10, 2013 2 Comments

A family member recently advised me that I should buy a washer and dryer on a “Pay Later” plan. She claimed that it would be a very smart thing to do as I can put the equivalent amount of cash, which I have available in the bank, into a savings account or an investment vehicle. [...]

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How To Have A Frugal Wedding

Jan 09, 2013 1 Comment

The average US wedding cost in 2012 was over $27 000. What does $27 000 get you? For most bride and groom, it gets them a stressful day, little face time with their guests, wedding bands and an exotic honeymoon. All this to provide a day that most guests will soon forget about along with [...]

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Experiences Same As Consumer Goods

Dec 31, 2012 2 Comments

There has been a trend in personal finance blogosphere to discourage spending in consumer products and instead increase the experience fund. Many bloggers justify these experiences while talking down on the goods. This is often seen in the minimalist culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the experience side myself and would rather not buy [...]

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