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Adequate Lifestyle

Sep 26, 2013 Comments Off by

Lifestyle influences early retirement date A higher annual pending delays retirement. Early retirement is a compromise of hard work and little spending over a few years. There is no right answer on how much money you need to retire to sustain your lifestyle as this choice is purely personal. Lifestyle is a Continuum I have [...]

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Financial Independence Definition

Feb 12, 2013 1 Comment by

There are many definitions of financial independence around the web. Some define financial independence as being on your own without the support of family and having a job that covers your expenses. In the world of early retirement, I define financial independence as having enough passive income to cover your needs. If I was to [...]

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Calculating Required Retirement Income

Jan 16, 2013 Comments Off by

Project your retirement expenses based on current or future lifestyle and not on your current income. Most advisers recommend planning a retirement income of 70% of your salary. If one is to live very frugally, then it may be too conservative of a calculation. If you plan to rent or still have a mortgage in [...]

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Retirement Same For Young And Old

Jan 08, 2013 1 Comment

It amazes me the response of peers when I share my story of Mr. Cannes and I retiring within the next 5 years. Many times I don’t get much of a response and assume my peer simply does not believe it can happen. At other times, the response is a question of why I would [...]

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Debt Repaid, Now What

Dec 20, 2012 2 Comments

Repaying credit card and student loan debt aggressively is hard work but it becomes addictive after a month or two. You get into the habit of restricting frivolous expenses and this becomes comforting after a while. You start appreciating all the people and things that you have in life. Your wants diminish. You are healthier [...]

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