About Me

Goldeneer is a blog that I started in 2011 to share my lessons learned of my personal finance journey. I am Clara Cannes, a proud Canadian in my late 20′s, employee, business owner and real estate investor. Clara is my pen name.

Five years ago, I was finishing up my undergrad degree, had over $40 000 of consumer and student debt. I was spending money beyond my means and wasting it on crap. I turned my financial life around, restricted my budget, got a temporary second job to repay my student loans, completed a Master’s degree while working full time and invested all my assets into profitable real estate. During this same time, I was laid off in 2008 and had some period of unemployment while working in between contracts.

My favourite investment vehicle is real estate and my second is entrepreneurship. I have accumulated more than a million dollars worth of real estate all from my own hard work. I now have reached financial independence from the cash flow of my properties and have significantly reduced my cost of living. My next goal is to reach a comfortable retirement income once my mortgage is paid off. My education is in engineering while my highest education is a Master’s. I happily work in my field as an employee but have some side hustles on the go.

With this blog, I seek to find the answer to being able to retire by 35, become more environmentally friendly, and fulfill myself with entrepreneurship.

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